New article on the racial dimension of income inequality in the DC metropolitan area

The Professional Geographer has just published an article written jointly with my former students Bradley O. Erickson and Katie L. Turner. In it, we report our findings from research launched after both of them had taken a General Education undergraduate course I taught back in 2016: “Researching Cities”.

Our analysis of spatiotemporal household income trends in the DC metropolitan area suggests that the U.S. capital’s growing prosperity and improved fiscal health in recent years have coincided with intensifying income inequality. We show that two alternative measures of neighborhood-level racial diversity—proportion white and an entropy score—account for substantial shares in this variation in household incomes, especially in DC proper. Our results illustrate a need for more effective policy coordination across jurisdictions as well as greater consideration of housing policy to help decrease residential segregation and support vulnerable residents in and around the U.S. capital.


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