I grew up in the quaint northern German town of Lueneburg, locally known as the “city of salt”. According to Wikipedia, “Lueneburg has the second most bars per mile and per resident in Europe after Madrid, Spain; it has the most bars per resident in Germany.” I enjoy reading, cycling, skiing, and sailing. My ten-year old Vizsla “Harry” is my almost-constant companion (minus the slopes and conference trips).

My parents Monika and Heinrich have made it an annual tradition to organize a joint exhibition of their artwork. The event – now already in its seventh year – is called “Gallery At Home” and always draws a large local crowd. My mother is an avid painter (as well as a silversmith, sculptor and occasional woodworker); Heinrich has been in love with photography since his childhood and even used to develop his own films in a little studio in the basement until the digital revolution hit him and his AE-1 …

I am proud to present a selection of their recent creations below. Feel free to contact them via e-mail at \/\/egeluft@g/\/\ if you’d like to learn more about their work.





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